Nataliya Vasilchenko

Nataliya Vasilchenko
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Nataliya Vasilchenko

1. It is said in the publications in press that Pilates studio Fitness4you ahs  the best staff in Ukraine. Tell us why you consider yourself the best specialist.
I do not think of myself as of the best specialist. But I study at the International Pilates University Fitness4you, so I consider myself a good one.

2. What part of your life is Pilates and why did you choose it your profession?
I adore Pilates. It is my life passion. And if your job and your passion is the same thing – it’s a great success.

3. What kind of equipment do you prefer during training sessions and why?
I like all Pilates equipment, but most of all I like matwork.

4. Your mission as a Pilates teacher
To show that there exists real Pilates in Ukraine.

 5. What results can you guarantee to your clients?  
At least a good mood, as a maximum a new body, both outside and inside.

6. How do you see the future of the Pilates method and your personal contribution ?  
Pilates is a very flexible method. Principles remain the same, and everything else will evolve according to the needs of a man. And I could possibly invent a new piece of equipment.

 7. Your recommendations to those who has only started to get acquainted with the method and makes his first steps in Pilates

Don’t be in a rush. Study the method thoroughly.

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