Kateryna Smirnova

Kateryna Smirnova
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Kateryna Smirnova

1. It is said in the publications in press that Pilates studio Fitness4you ahs  the best staff in Ukraine. Tell us why you consider yourself the best specialist.
I consider myself an expert because I am able to perform my professional duties at a level that allows me to enjoy the activity. Each lesson has great value for me as our joint creativity with the client. For me there is no higher praise than the success of a person I have been fortunate to work with. They can be my clients , students or colleagues. It does not matter. My status among colleagues in the industry in this case interests me much less.

2. What part of your life is Pilates and why did you choose it your profession?
Pilates should be a lifestyle or it is not Pilates :) I love my lifestyle, so I do not even feel that I work. Incidentally I equally feel myself well as a teacher and as a client.

3 . What kind of equipment do you prefer during training sessions and why?
With all due respect to the Pilates equipment, which is great, I have no preferences. Each lesson has its purpose, and the clients needs are my top priorities. Machines are just the tools.

4 . Your mission as a Pilates teacher  
For me it is important to be engaged in something that is of real value. If one can call it a mission, than I 'm trying to create an atmosphere where there is no place for something false. We do Pilates in pur studio, we have Pilates equipment and the people I work with are the real Pilates fans, their knowledge is authentic.

 5 . What results can you guarantee to your clients?  
They will be happier, for sure!

6. How do you see the future of the Pilates method and your personal contribution ?  
Pilates as a technique is so profound that it is very difficult to develop it. Joseph was not just a genius and inventor, he also knew a lot by studying the human being comprehensively. Pilates is very popular in the world nowadays, but that fact rather leads to the estrangement of the system from its core. Many professionals are starting to talk about the development because they are not familiar enough with the work of Joseph Pilates. My personal contribution is my desire to understand what he meant. And that desire opens my mind to many other systems.

 7. Your recommendations to those who has only started to get acquainted with the method and makes his first steps in Pilates

Trust those who have already digged in this direction , but never reject your intuition. Perhaps you need something else (other instructor, other studio etc) . If you do not like Pilates, it is because it’s not time yet!

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