Olga Protasova

Olga Protasova
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Olga Protasova

1. It is said in the publications in press that Pilates studio Fitness4you ahs  the best staff in Ukraine. Tell us why you consider yourself the best specialist.
 I am a modest person. So the question is to the studio executives. I can answer why I am effective. First, I have knowledge, second – I have a lot of experience of successful work , and third -  I have a great desire to help people live happily ever after.

2 . what part of your life is Pilates and why did you choose it your profession?
 Pilates is an integral part of my life and my family's life. The basic principles of  the system are present in my daily life constantly . I have come a long way from the aerobics instructor, a gym trainer, a fitness director to a Pilates instructor. I realized that many people require more than a set of standard programs. Pilates is a smart system that allows you to give a person a new body.

3 . What kind of equipment do you prefer during training sessions and why?
 Everything depends on the person coming to the studio. Different people, different bodies, different perception of information.  Accordingly, the equipment used must be different. The choice of equipment will depend on the posture of man, his abilities and many other factors.

4 . Your mission as a Pilates teacher
Helping people find themselves. This prolongs not only the body youth but keeps the soul young.

5 . What results can you guarantee to your clients?  
I will answer with the words of Joseph Pilates - I can not fix your body , but I can give you the tools to do that.  It all depends on what result a person wants to get.  I don’t have a magic  wand. But I guarantee to be a reliable , useful and safe tool on the road called Pilates.

6. How do you see the future of the Pilates method and your personal contribution ?  
In my opinion, Pilates is an elixir of youth. I wish that Joseph Pilates dream come true and every single person on the planet Earth will know about the system. My contribution is give this knowledge to people.

 7. Your recommendations to those who has only started to get acquainted with the method and makes his first steps in Pilates

Be patient and persistent. And you will be surprised by the results.

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