Galyna Dobrovolska

Galyna Dobrovolska
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Galyna Dobrovolska

1. It is said in the publications in press that Pilates studio Fitness4you ahs  the best staff in Ukraine. Tell us why you consider yourself the best specialist.
 I’m not sure about being the best, but I can talk about myself as quite effective. I was fortunate to learn from the finest masters and get a good theoretical knowledge. Constant work with people has given an opportunity to observe how the theory works in practice... Practice has given experience.  And experience allows you to see. And correct:))

2 . what part of your life is Pilates and why did you choose it your profession?
Pilates is my life. I started, like many others, as an aerobics instructor and went through everything that fitness world may present you with. And I came to conclusion that only Pilates teaches you to build your body from the basics, it gives you’re a proper foundation. Why would you mount the roof if you have no walls yet? Start with the basement, otherwise the house will collapse.

3 . What kind of equipment do you prefer during training sessions and why?
I prefer none:)) I might really love the little ball during a training session at 9 am, and then work for an hour with the Core Band. It always depends on the person I work with. Two people alike – that just does not happen. Even the same person comes to the next class with a new "flavor". You have to adapt:))

4 . Your mission as a Pilates teacher
 I will allow myself to quote J.Pilates: «Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness». I’m not the one to make you happy, of course, but I can help with a good physical fit.

 5 . What results can you guarantee to your clients?  
It all depends on you and the goals you have. I can only give you the tools and teach how to use them to improve your posture, body mechanics, flexibility of the spine and joints. With regular practice you will find exactly what you need.

6. How do you see the future of the Pilates method and your personal contribution ?  
Pilates has a future, as the system is universal, profound and suitable for everyone. The development of the method, as for me, is in revealing its deepest essence. Right now I’m trying to introduce more people to the system.

 7. Your recommendations to those who has only started to get acquainted with the method and makes his first steps in Pilates

Pilates is a delicate matter, so do not stop. The further you go the more interesting it becomes.

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